We aspire to create
an unwavering future

Love for the sport, some would say. Consulting engineers Aalto-Setälä is a private engineering consultancy specialized in the construction environment, where we are inspired by solving challenges and finding new perspectives on a daily basis.

The trust of our customers is the main indicator of our work. It has been our principle since the foundation of the company back in 1972.

We are Aalto-Setälä

Learning by doing. We at Aalto-Setälä have been at the helm of versatile construction projects, big and small, for almost fifty years. The past years have brought along an experienced and confident grip to our projects.

Consulting engineers Aalto-Setälä was founded in 1972, and since the beginning we have been an independent consulting agency. The company’s shareholders have always been working as a part of the company – which according to us is the right way. In 2016 our company was divided, which led to more employees joining the shareholder group. Our roots are deep in the soil of Southwest Finland in the Turku region and we offer services in both national languages.

We do our work from person to person, cherishing trust. Reciprocal trust both between the customer and us, as well as among employees is the foundation of it all. Aalto-Setälä is a community of talented experts, where our people constantly challenge themselves to reach the best results for the benefit of our customers.

Buildings are not just buildings for us, as our goal is to create the best environments possible in our region – places for functional work and pleasant living.

We put ourselves out there to ensure that the work is completed with a confident grip, for your benefit.

Our vision

We at Aalto-Setälä are building an unwavering future. We construct the framework for the best environment in our region – for functional work and pleasant living.

Our mission

Our work is goal-directed towards the desired results. With our open, human centric and competent ways of working we solve challenges and succeed together.

So your
benefit is realized
as it should

Our customers’ needs are the very core of what we do. We complete our projects in a way which ensures that your needs are taken into consideration item-by-item and are solved in the best way possible.

We genuinely care about the proficient flow of every project, which is why we want to work in the most transparent, open and flexible way.

We offer you local knowledge in the areas of Turku and Southwestern Finland. At our broadest, we work in the far corners of Nordic harbors. We offer service in both Finnish and Swedish.

Insinööritoimisto Aalto-Setälä Oy Turku

Person-centric values

Our values guide our daily work and is the foundation for customer interaction.


We cherish trust in everything we do. For us trust ensures that you can rely on all words and actions.


For us, the path to success starts with an open way of working. Transparency is present in each and every day.


We are a local agency close to you. Local knowledge and expertise is our trump card.

We take care of your projects

We at Aalto-Setälä are building an unwavering future. We construct the framework for the best environment in our region – for functional work and pleasant living.

Insinööritoimisto Aalto-Setälä Oy Turku